Jakarta prepares for extreme tidal waves and flooding

From the US Embassy in Jakarta: (I live only about 2-3km from the ocean) U.S. Embassy Jakarta U.S. Consulate General Surabaya U.S. Consulate Medan Warden Message – Tidal Flood May 30, 2008 The US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, informs American citizens that the World Bank warned that a record high tide is likely to flood North Jakarta next week. The tides are expected to be at an 18-year high and World Bank experts predict that flood waters could be upRead more

“Medan Merdeka is dominated by the towering National Monument. Local wags have taken to calling the Russian-built tower commemorating Indonesia’s independence “Sukarno’s last erection.” Some of this bitterness may stem from the fact that the World Bank supplied funds for 77 pounds of pure gold to coat the “flame of freedom” atop the column while many Indonesians starved.”Read more