Yogyakarta (Jogja) Earthquake

I appreciate everyone’s concern in regards to the Yogyakarta earthquake. Fortunately, we’re all safe and sound, but thousands have perished in this terrible crisis. Due to the earthquake occurring in the early morning, many more people were still indoors than would have been later in the day – causing many more deaths. I feel as if Indonesia simply cannot get a rest from crisis these past few years. In only the 4 years I’ve been here the country has beenRead more


I’ve passed this beautiful stand of trees a number of times but always without a camera. A lesson I’ve learned: if you continue to think about a place after having left, make sure you bring your camera next time. Lembang, Bandung – 3 hours from my home near the volcano of Tangkuban Perahu. This gorgeous stand of trees is only minutes from the crater.Read more

Moonlight At Noon

I just returned from three days in the volcanic region above Bandung – a city about 80 miles east of Jakarta. The fresh, cool air is amazingly clean after breathing Jakarta’s gunk. Spent some time at the volcano named Tangkuban Perahu – still very much active, but equally beautiful. This is taken from the rim of the crater looking away from the volcano into the land below. Breathtaking doesn’t remotely begin to describe the visuals found here. Highly recommended toRead more