Stop and really think about this one for a moment. It’s certainly not an attractive image, not technically pleasing, nor with anything to capture your attention. But look beyond that. Consider what irony lies in this village. Tanah Merah, North Jakarta.Read more

Vacation in My Mind

If you’ve noticed, I’ve strayed from the world of prose lately, posting only photos. Reason: We had a 9 day break for the Muslim holiday, Idul Fitri. Only, um, I didn’t go a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. ADUH! I did manage to really concentrate on ways to improve my photography. Am I a geek? Probably. I lived on the ‘net self-educating as much as I could. More about that later (tomorrow maybe). A few days I went around taking pics in the kampung (village)Read more