Hidden Treasures

Waterfalls like this are treasures to be found in the volcanic landscape that forms Bali. Renting a jeep proved to be a very good investment, as it allows for the opportunity to venture to places I’d never seen before. We did about 600km in only 3 days – carving our route through east Bali as well as a beautiful trip through multiple volcanoes, down to the north shore, and back through Lake Batur. Many times I was busy taking inRead more

Shadow Puppets

Dancing in the dark, the children are free. … I’m leaving for Bali tomorrow. We’ll be there for three weeks, before heading back to Jakarta for a day and then off to Singapore for a bit. I’m so excited to have the chance to capture more of Bali in a nice, long extended break. I hope to focus intensely on my photography and return with some decent shots. I’ll be making Ubud my base for a while. If anyone willRead more

Calm Before the Storm

I took these images only 2 days before the earthquake. No further words are needed. In case you didn’t see this, it was left as a comment on my previous post. This tragedy is not just ‘headlines’ for many people around the world. Hi Brandon. I�ve just received news that my sister�s husband�s family in Aceh have all perished. The number reached almost 30. The last group of bodies that were found is his uncle, aunt, their 2 year oldRead more

Expats On the Run!

It’s funny how so many expats bolt from Java as soon as they have a chance. As soon as we have vacation time, where do they run off to? The tropical beaches of Bali only an hour’s journey? Beautiful islands of Thailand nearby? Shopping in Singapore? Not a chance. Most of them return to the very place they were so eager to leave. It’s understandable that they would wish to see family and friends, but think about it – theyRead more