Blogging Bits: Flickr vs. WordPress vs. RSS?

I had no idea so many of you were viewing the blog via RSS, but it seems that the general consensus is that I have two separate groups of visitors – those that check out the blog and those that drop into Flickr. I’m guessing the Flickr community most likely doesn’t view the blog too often and now I see that many of you visit the blog and not Flickr – therefore, I will start posting more of ‘everything’ onRead more

No Matter Where You Go

I finally had the chance on Sunday to spend a few hours with my new camera – a Canon 350D – otherwise known in the States as the Digital Rebel XT. The camera is nothing short of phenomenal. Something with a similar feature set was thousands of dollars only a couple of years ago. I’ll be posting photos from my first shoot in coming posts. I spent a few hours on foot, walking around south central Jakarta with only myRead more

Cameras, Corvettes, and Confusion

From my brother’s gallery: What does a Corvette have anything to do with cameras? Absolutely nothing, but that’s a privilege of writing your own blog. I just heard that my brother crashed my dad’s Corvette last week. Apparently he hit a deer (or rather, the deer hit him) and caused him to do a 180 spinning into a ditch. Both are bruised and battered I’m sure, but fine otherwise. He’s currently hosting a photographic exhibit at the University of Michigan.Read more

High in the Sky

Talk about a trippy trip. That had to have been quite honestly one of the oddest flights I’ve been on. I suppose it all started when shortly after take-off there appeared to be a heavy fog falling from the air vents above our heads. I’m sure it was simply the cooler air mixing with the sticky heat onboard. Normally, I would have dismissed this as nothing special (perhaps it wasn’t fog considering I ate the entire in-flight meal so vigorously).Read more

From Above

I went on the most fascinating bike ride yesterday. It’s so odd how you can live in a place for years and never venture into some of the hidden corners of your surroundings. I entered a gated complex and felt as if I’d been dropped through the rabbit hole. The extremes in poverty and wealth were astounding – not that I haven’t been surrounded by it for three years, but generally not in quite a concentrated area as this. GenerallyRead more