Blogging Bits: Flickr vs. WordPress vs. RSS?

I had no idea so many of you were viewing the blog via RSS, but it seems that the general consensus is that I have two separate groups of visitors – those that check out the blog and those that drop into Flickr. I’m guessing the Flickr community most likely doesn’t view the blog too often and now I see that many of you visit the blog and not Flickr – therefore, I will start posting more of ‘everything’ onRead more

Bird Flu, Photoblogs, and Ramblings

I found a few very cool websites devoted to weblogs… one in particular that I thought was clear, concise, with refreshing content was It’s nice to stray from the traditional “text” weblog into some that offer more of a photographic intention. I admired the entire list from – they provide inspiration for me to finish my own site – – yet the list makes me realize how much I’d like to improve this blog. I’ve been askedRead more