Jakarta prepares for extreme tidal waves and flooding

From the US Embassy in Jakarta: (I live only about 2-3km from the ocean) U.S. Embassy Jakarta U.S. Consulate General Surabaya U.S. Consulate Medan Warden Message – Tidal Flood May 30, 2008 The US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, informs American citizens that the World Bank warned that a record high tide is likely to flood North Jakarta next week. The tides are expected to be at an 18-year high and World Bank experts predict that flood waters could be upRead more

Leap of Faith

Taken in a kampung, a small village built on stilts over a swamp in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. These children, for the most part, seemed to be enjoying life like any others, despite the abject poverty they’re surrounded with. I love this photo; there’s just so much going on, so many thoughts, so many details. It certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but it represents an important part of Jakarta’s culture, and the vibrance of youth in this nation. It cannotRead more


Stop and really think about this one for a moment. It’s certainly not an attractive image, not technically pleasing, nor with anything to capture your attention. But look beyond that. Consider what irony lies in this village. Tanah Merah, North Jakarta.Read more

From Above

I went on the most fascinating bike ride yesterday. It’s so odd how you can live in a place for years and never venture into some of the hidden corners of your surroundings. I entered a gated complex and felt as if I’d been dropped through the rabbit hole. The extremes in poverty and wealth were astounding – not that I haven’t been surrounded by it for three years, but generally not in quite a concentrated area as this. GenerallyRead more