Blowing Your Mind

I’ve been reading this thread on Ask Metafilter regarding one person’s search for experiences which will blow their mind. It’s amazing to see the variety of responses, and how many people cite drug-use as the sole answer. (I’m not advocating nor discrediting this, just noting). I realize this is kind of a weird and imprecise question, but bear with me here. Some background – I’ve done a lot of things in my short time on this planet in an attemptRead more

The Art of Living

Updates have been few and far between as I�ve been involved with learning yoga and meditation through The Art of Living – after work � taking up the majority of my free time. I feel like Patrick Swayze in �Roadhouse�. I�ve never tried anything like this before, but can see that it could indeed be beneficial for those who apply it to their everyday lives. I�ll admit that I approached with a bit of skepticism, but I�ve been proven wrong.Read more

Praise the Morning

I have a beautiful park right in front of my house – and lemme tell ya, that’s extremely rare in a city the size of Jakarta. Every morning, an older Chinese man practices some form of meditation in the park. I find it relaxing just watching how he receives strength and renewal from these sessions. This serves as a reminder to me that no matter how “advanced” Western medicine may be, we could learn a great deal from Chinese medicineRead more