Loss of Virginity

Let us hope that our children still may experience places like this. Breathe air this fresh. Walk amongst unspoiled beauty as we have. Volcanic hills, Lembang, Central Java, Indonesia Three hours from my home Canon 350D / 10-22mm@22 / f7.1 / 1/80 / iso 800Read more

Tonic for the Soul

Tea plantations carpet the side of a volcano in Central Java. This island I live on is among the most fertile in the world. The tea grown here is exported all over the world. Apparently, this photo was featured on Yahoo’s homepage today. That’s always fun.Read more

Tea Forever

Javanese tea plantations stretch as far as the eye can see. This tea is exported all over the world. We had a chance to tour the immense factory where it is processed from the initial harvest all the way till it’s ready for shipping – fascinating stuff. Past Lembang, near Ciater, one hour from Bandung or 3-4 hours from Jakarta.Read more

Yogyakarta (Jogja) Earthquake

I appreciate everyone’s concern in regards to the Yogyakarta earthquake. Fortunately, we’re all safe and sound, but thousands have perished in this terrible crisis. Due to the earthquake occurring in the early morning, many more people were still indoors than would have been later in the day – causing many more deaths. I feel as if Indonesia simply cannot get a rest from crisis these past few years. In only the 4 years I’ve been here the country has beenRead more