Digital downloads vs physical media: How will developing countries keep up?

There was an article on today making note of EA – Electronic Arts CEO saying: “When people think of games, they traditionally think, in the U.S., of what sells on the Xbox, the PlayStation, and the Wii, and they forget about all these online services that are out there… if you add all that stuff up, it’s almost half the industry now. It’s about 40 to 45 percent. Next year it’s likely to be the larger share of theRead more

7 years of blogging: The Java Jive turns 7.

This month marks the seventh year of this blog. A tremendous amount has changed in these seven years, and through it all, I’ve kept this old thing running – something I never envisioned in 2002 as a naive, fresh-off-the-plane expat. In many ways I supposed I’ve “grown up” in front of anyone who has followed this blog; writing styles have changed, perspectives altered, and life experiences have dramatically morphed my views of the world. The archives aren’t functioning ideally atRead more

Leaving Jakarta

Well this is it. We’re leaving Jakarta, moving to Manila. I’m typing this from a speeding BMW at 3am. The carefully composed post summing up my years in Indonesia will have to wait I guess. I simply ran out of time trying to spend time with everyone. We’re excited for this next chapter in our lives to unfold but are sad to leave our beloved Indonesia. It’s been a life-changing 7 years.Read more

Packing up, books vs Kindle, and the joy of dead trees

The movers are here today, shipping our belongings to Manila. We spent the week packing up and sorting through dusty memories. It’s really hard to narrow your life down to only 12 cubic meters; especially considering I arrived in Indonesia 7 years ago with only two suitcases. What goes? What stays? What gets donated to charity? What gets trashed? I don’t want to become a pack rat – I enjoy simplicity and minimalism to a degree. However, I do haveRead more

WordPress 2.8

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8. I hope this helps to clear up the previous malware warnings many people experienced when visiting my blog. The lack of a proper solution has been waning on my patience and motivation to blog. If anyone with better skills would care to help me with investigating the issue with the possible code injection, please let me know. Also, if you still see warnings when visiting this blog, please drop a comment below. I alsoRead more