CNN International: Screenshot of my photo essay on the home page

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I don’t mean to gloat – really – it’s just fun to gain a little recognition for something I’m passionate about. CNN International featured my photo essay of the Aliwan Festival on the CNN home page for a day. If you click on the above image you can see a full size version of the screen capture kindly sent to me by CNN Go’s Editor. The photo essay is still up on CNNRead more

Heading to Jakarta, Indonesia tonight

We’re leaving tonight for Jakarta. We’ll be there for a week visiting family and friends. Fortunately, one of my close friends will also be in Jakarta for a couple of days. When he first got to Indonesia, he actually lived with me for 5 months; haven’t seen him in 4 years. Novita will have a chance to be with her family, friends, and her beloved spicy sambal, while I catch up with friends and visit my old stomping grounds. WeRead more

Delivery from Indonesia: A taste of home.

Novita’s wonderful sister, Nana, just arrived at 5:30am this morning from Jakarta. She’ll stay with us for three weeks, relaxing and hopefully exploring more of Manila and the Philippines. We have a vacation coming up for 9 days at the end of October; still undecided where we may go. Not only did she bring Novita a cure for homesickness (herself) – she brought a ton of spices, sambal, and Indonesian food! In fact, she brought so much, she was chargedRead more

Taxis in Manila – why we need a car (aka white whine)

We’ve decided that we need a car in Manila. As metropolitan and accessible this city is, we’re feeling confined and limited in our options with using taxis. Many expats don’t feel a car is necessary, or even desired when taxis are such an easy part of getting around. I beg to differ. The last straw came yesterday when, after waiting for 30 minutes in a taxi stand line, we hopped into a run down taxi, exhausted from carrying 70lbs ofRead more