New photoblog, Bali, Idul Fitri

I’ve been quite busy lately with off-line life. I spent a few days last week at the Ayodya Hotel (previously Bali Hilton) in Bali for a conference; turned out to be fun but a bit of a tease considering you have to be indoors all day while the glistening ocean is only minutes away. The Muslim Idul Fitri holiday starts Wednesday, which means a week off work. Unfortunately, if you’re a slacker in regards to travel plans, it’s a horribleRead more

Step Into the Ring

E – Day is upon us. The way that I feel about this election – To be completely honest I don’t feel as if either candidate is what America needs right now. I will not state which one I would vote for, as it’s not worth the backlash that I would receive either way. Once again, the election has come down to harsh words, untrue statements, and childish name calling. We have to ask ourselves, “Is this really the bestRead more