March update

My brother decided to leave Tokyo after 5 years. He’s now in Florida for a while and may or may not return to Japan in June. — We’re leaving early tomorrow morning for Puerto Galera – white sandy beaches on the next island south of Luzon (the island we live on here in the Philippines). I’ve heard many mixed reviews of how to best get there. Essentially there are three main ways: small open catamaran style ‘bancas’ (one sank inRead more

Fertility of Dreams

East Bali – one of the most captivating regions of Bali, yet one of the least visited. I cannot possibly capture the breathtaking allure of this scene with pixels and mechanics. There was something timeless about it, as if they were cultivating beauty, and not rice. Here are some shots from Google Earth that may help to show the region from above:Read more

Google Earth and Virgin Eyes

Don’t even bother to read this if you’re at work, if you’re getting ready for bed, or if you have a significant other waiting for you to join them. In fact, don’t bother reading this unless you have a solid 3 hours to remain here with your arse glued to the seat. Google Earth is the coolest thing since Flickr. In the first hour of using it I was able to find and view (in decent detail) the following: MyRead more