"Stop Procrastinating" Top Habit Goal on 43 Things

43 Things list the top habit goals from the site’s users: Stop procrastinating 11615 people Drink more water 7309 people Take more pictures 6598 people Save money 5554 people Read more books 5120 people Exercise regularly 4023 people Eat healthier 3923 people Wake up when my alarm clock goes off 3759 people Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working 3258 people Ever feel like this? Oh wait, I’m doing it right now. Damn. IRead more

Productivity, Organization, and Getting Things Done

Lately an overwhelming feeling of ‘things I gotta do’ has taken over my mind and my free time. I think as technology and stress continues to grow exponentially, this won’t subside anytime soon. The best solution will come from learning to cope and manage these areas. As any proud procrastinator would proclaim, it’s all too easy to shut down and ignore all of your responsibilities rather than face them head-on. (A mantra I’ve tried to leave in my past). WhatRead more