On netbooks, TouchBook, Mac tablet, Macbook Mini, and a Mac user switching to Windows (for the netbook only)

Apple has a large gap in their hardware line-up. Between the iPhone and Macbook is a massive hole that they may or may not decide to fill with a tablet/netbook/ultra-portable. There are many reasons, theories, and opinions on whether they should or shouldn’t attempt to fill the void. More on this later. With today’s economy, more and more people are turning toward the use of ‘netbooks’ – ultra-portable, generally slower, more economical laptops. Even without the economy in shambles, manyRead more

10 Things you may not know about me

I very rarely agree to this type of post, which is exactly why I accepted the invitation from Chibi Alfa. They’re a bit long winded compared to most. I almost never existed. Let me clarify – my family is full of pilots and a love for aviation. My grandparents were both in the Navy; flight instructor. The day after their wedding, they were flying to their honeymoon, when the fuel tank malfunctioned. They almost died that day, and I neverRead more

Canon engineers held back by marketing department's "megapixel race"

From Yahoo’s “Tech Digest“: Canon engineers are being held back from developing new sensor technology by marketing departments in a “race for megapixels”, claims an employee of the Japanese photography company. The employee told Tech Digest that Canon have the technology to “blow the competition away” in terms of image sensors, but are instead being asked to focus on headline figures like the number of megapixels a camera has. When asked for his opinion on the Canon EOS 5D MarkRead more

Feedback on blog design? Text? Header?

Ok, now is your chance to criticize the design I implemented last night. If you’re wondering why things are so dark around here, I A) wanted a change, and B) thought black would help to better set off the photos compared with the white I’ve used for years. How do you find the overall look? Is text easy to read? How about the header (was just playing around). Do you prefer the rotating header with photos that I’ve used inRead more