WordPress 2.8

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8. I hope this helps to clear up the previous malware warnings many people experienced when visiting my blog. The lack of a proper solution has been waning on my patience and motivation to blog. If anyone with better skills would care to help me with investigating the issue with the possible code injection, please let me know. Also, if you still see warnings when visiting this blog, please drop a comment below. I alsoRead more

javajive Blog's Four Year Anniversary

Well, it’s been quite a ride. Four years ago, I first started laying down my thoughts, photos, and ramblings with digital ink on this blog. October 2002 was a completely different time for me. I had only been in Indonesia a few months, and everything still held that glistening sheen of wonderment and interest. The Bali bombing (first one) had just happened, the mess in Iraq had not yet begun, bird flu was basically unheard of, and the hearts ofRead more

Blogging Blues. How a 5 minute 'update' became a 5 hour fiasco.

So WordPress claims that the upgrade should take ‘5 minutes’ – hmm. It took me over 3 hours last night – at which point I ‘broke’ my blog – if you happened to drop by between 12am (jkta time) and 9am – you would have seen a completely blank page instead of my blog. Great stuff. I gave up last night and left it. Today I found a variety of problems and am slowly bringing it back to life. PleaseRead more