Jakarta floods 2009

While December was quite sunny and pleasant, the New Year has brought angry torrential downpours, massive cracks of frequent lightening, and of course, annual flooding. As some of you may know, I live in the north of Jakarta; within 3km of the ocean. Our area is at or below sea level, and therefore one of the first in Jakarta to flood if heavy rains occur. It’s one thing to hear or read of global warming, deforestation, and rising sea levels,Read more

Life in Perspective

The following is an excerpt from The Jakarta Post. It is not necessarily an uncommon story here in Indonesia: Poverty has led a family to make a home amid silent neighbors — tombstones — just one kilometer west of the country’s international airport. Muhammad Akim Hakim and his wife Erna Octaviana Pasaribu are raising their young children in Tanah Pasir Cemetery, an abandoned Chinese cemetery, near Rawa Kucing area in predominantly poor Neglasari district, as they have no better options.Read more