Getting back into mountain biking

One of my first obsessions on the internet was pouring over websites and forums in the wee hours of the morning in search of the best mountain bike for my budget. While my massive roommates spent hours surfing pRon, I was bleary eyed from comparing the latest Gary Fishers and Voodoo. This was late 90’s, when I first got into mountain biking. I was midway through university and found biking to be amongst the best of stress relievers. There wasRead more

Keeping dry

How’s that umbrella workin out for ya buddy? Well, I’d love to come out with some dramatic story about our struggles to survive through the floods this year, but I’d be fibbing more than a little. After my previous post, (as I was watching the canal in front of my work flood over its banks) we were safely ‘evacuated’ to the Kristal Hotel (three bedroom full suite). I spent the weekend swimming in chlorine, not sewage. We decided things wereRead more

Being green under grey skies: environmentally reponsible in Jakarta?

As global warming and environmental concerns sweep across the world, it seems many people have started doing their part. Without realizing, it appears I’ve slowly become part of that crowd. Growing up in the States, my first two cars were 5.0 and 5.7 liter V8 sports cars – gloriously fast. Each got about 15 miles per gallon when I wasn’t getting into trouble. When I left the States in 2002, gas was around $1.50 / gallon – in 2001 itRead more

Circus on wheels

Colorful contraptions like this patrol the streets of Jakarta, hoping to attract the wide-eyed children who are drawn to it with awe. As the driver pedals, the ‘vehicles’ rhythmically bounce up and down in tune with the birthday techno music pumping out of the bike’s roof. Street life is never dull in Jakarta. Cipulir, JakartaRead more

A Change of Pace

Awake. Eat. Read. Swim. Sit in the sun. Read. Go into town. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Now that’s more like it. This is definitely a welcomed change of pace for this Jakartan. My biggest ambition for the day has been to drive anywhere. The house we’re staying in is situated right on the splendid rice fields just outside of Ubud. The only sounds at night are that of the crickets, frogs, and the occasional falling coconut that’ll scare the crap outtaRead more


Bali is beautiful as always. Enjoying Ubud’s cooler weather and clear sunshine. Got in a motorcycle accident. I’m ok (pretty much). Bike isn’t. Guess I’ll be wearin out my sandals. Will write soon.Read more