The View From Above

How often do you ask for a window seat when flying? I suppose IÂ’m like a little boy still filled at the wonder of flying, always requesting one when the chance arises. It boggles me how many people will close their shade as soon as the plane takes off, only to open it upon landing. IÂ’m definitely a geographical nerd in love with maps and seeing the world from any angle. When I was young, I spent hours looking atRead more

Strength and Beauty

Ok, ok, lemme clear this up. This picture is from Africa – not Java. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I saw this woman walking alongside a mountain road, and just couldn’t resist capturing the strength and beauty of the scene.Read more

Baboon in the Benz!

Ok, so I drove to the Cape Point today… basically the end of the earth, it’s the farthest point south in Africa, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet. There are many signs around saying, “Do NOT Feed the Animals!”. I noticed there were many baboons – you know the big monkeys with the nasty asses that look as if a 5 pound fissure was cracking open from their anus? Well, I saw a rather obnoxious baboon trying toRead more

Cape Town

I just got my tickets today!! I’m so excited cause I’ve been “waitlisted” for 2 months. My mother actually moved from America to Cape Town, South Africa (all the way at the bottom of Africa) in the summer of 2001. I was there for 5 weeks last Christmas and will be able to stay for 3 weeks this time, joined by my brother and sister as well. Cape Town is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Politics aside,Read more