Dancing with Light

As you may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a vacation – from the web, from writing, and from creativity. Call it a burnout, laziness, lack of motivation, blogger’s block, or just plain busy. The images above represent a new beginning for some of my photographic goals – to break out of my self-created shell. I need new material, new approaches, and new results. I hope the latest work has shown a change in direction from my usualRead more


Any guesses? I have started taking more interest in abstract photography. Although I have actually taken many; I’ve displayed very few. That was more of my focus while in university and recently I’ve lost touch with it. I’m bored with my own work and am seeking more experimental perspectives. Here’s my first example of what I’d like to continue to create (attempt at least). I’ve also come across many prints from Cape Town that have never seen the ‘net. IRead more