Backflip – multiple exposure image

Multiple exposure backflip into the pristine waters of Pulau Seribu, Indonesia The brave man is not me – that’s Roderick, a friend who operates the island we stayed on: If you’re keen to stay there, I’m happy to provide more info, or put you in touch with him directly.Read more

Novita by the power of three: Deciding if photos are better in color or black and white?

A tough decision many photographers face is deciding how the final image should look. This holds especially true in any type of portraiture. Many people are drawn to black and white, as often it’s more flattering to the model and as such, many people correlate black and white with more professional portraits. Quite often I process photos in both color and black and white, but only post one version or the other; it’s not always an easy decision. The exampleRead more