Facts about Indonesia

I borrowed this list from http://journal.marisaduma.net, (who in turn borrowed it from this discussion on Facebook). Not vouching for 100% accuracy, but I’m sure it’s pretty close. Interesting country don’t you think? Did you know, that with more than 250.000.000 people, Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world? Did you know, that there are 316 ethnic groups which speak 670 dialects in Indonesia? Did you know that it is forbidden not to have a religion in Indonesia?Read more

The rice walk

I’ve done this many times, but last summer I managed to fall into quite a deep pit of mud. Let me tell you – it’s not fun. Half a mile from home, your sandals full of muck; muck that’s not just dirt if you manage to catch a whiff, with the locals laughing it up. I had a choice – save my camera but take a dive in the muck, or risk my camera falling but saving myself. Those ofRead more