Moving to a house

Apologies for not keeping up the blog lately, but we’re in the process of moving from a condo to a house this week. We’ll miss the gorgeous pools, green space, spa, gyms, etc that the condo life provided, but it’s time to try out more space. The house is great – all renovated with all brand new appliances throughout, a big water fountain in the back yard with nice spotlights, but unfortunately no pool. 🙁 Pics to come. In aboutRead more

A Game of Thrones – Book or Series?

Many people have been recommending that I read, “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin. I’ve read very few books in this genre – in fact that only one I can think of is The Hobbit. Having said that, for those of you who have read the book and watched the series (so far), is it still worth delving into the books now that the series is out? Pardon the noob question, but how does this series stack upRead more

Map to show where my Facebook friends are located

As a data and map geek, I found this Facebook app to be interesting. It displays an interactive map (for the user) of where your Facebook friends are located. Seems I need to get to know more South Americans, Africans and Greenlanders. Wow, and check out Russia!? Actually, I have friends from many of those regions but living elsewhere. Care to share your map? (the app is called, “My Friend Map”)Read more

“Blow-Up Babies”: Quite possibly the most inappropriate name for a business? [photo]

Throughout Southeast Asia the English language is often misinterpreted, misrepresented, or massaged into new forms of communication through humorous signage. Take this one I captured as an example. Throughout the Philippines, and Manila especially, English is widespread and I have yet to see many humorous examples as I have so often seen in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan. Until today. Let me introduce you to a photo studio by the name of “Blow-Up Babies”.  Read more

Health benefits of coffee vs tea [infographic]

Since both tea and coffee have health benefits yet a few drawbacks, why choose? I love coffee, but enjoy green tea in the morning. I should probably balance it out more with less coffee and more tea, but in case you were wondering why drink either, here’s a great infographic. (click on the image for the full graphic with more information)  Read more