The Spoiled Weighlifter

Ok, in response to Shaky’s questions about fitness and working out, I’ll post more answers – in a new post as they revolve more around the workout rather than the diet aspect. What time do you work out? Are you able to go at the same time each day? I’m not much of a morning person, therefore I pretty much workout in the late afternoon/early evening. There are many benefits to working out in the morning but I simply don’tRead more

How to Feed a Gym Rat

I’ve been a bit short on posting lately, as much of my free time has been sucked up by the gym. Four weeks of vacation puts a damper on staying in shape, so I’ve been very dedicated in getting back into it. On that note, a few people have written me about fitness, etc (not that I’m one to follow in that dept., but am willing to help in any way). So here’s a pretty good protein shake recipe forRead more