Gunung Gede Volcano – Panorama

The view from Gunung Gede – one of Java’s largest volcanoes. My friends and I hiked it in May; truly an amazing experience. From the top of this giant, the skyscrapers in Jakarta looked like Legos. Both the north and south coasts of Java were visible, as were many other major volcanoes. More information on Java’s volcanoes and photos from my explorations may be seen here. This image was the result of stitching 5 photos together and using Photoshop’s PhotomergeRead more

Gunung Gede

In less than 5 hours, I’ll be awaking to the sound of my friend’s horn blaring through my dreams. We’re going to hike the volcano named Gunung Gede this weekend, so I’ll be offline from now until Sunday night. Wish us luck in the potentially hazardous conditions and slippery slopes that forms Java and defines the “Ring of Fire” in its spectacular beauty. 😉Read more

Photography is not always about the equipment (and Photofriday)

Occasionally we all need reminders that photography is not only about equipment. We spend thousands of dollars getting into the latest dSLR, drop a cool grand on the sharpest “L” series lenses, and go to great lengths to capture the most imaginative images possible. This morning, I received notice that I’ve “won” the photofriday challenge this week. Photofriday is a weekly competition with participants from across the globe. On Friday they release the theme word for the week, “mountain, cold,Read more

Off the Grid

I have broken free of the binding chains that are modern technology. Well, for a few days at least. My handphone: a Sony Ericsson S700i – hasn’t been working properly for 9 months, and I finally decided to fix it. In April of 2005 I decided I wanted a handphone with a decent camera, and the nicest screen I could find. I thought that if I were to stumble upon someone interested in seeing my photographs, I could whip outRead more

W.T.C. Guy Does Borobudur Temple

Just a bit of humor to lighten the work week. Ok, so I was using Photoshop to avoid my work week. More can be found here (but not mine). And here’s the true story of the W.T.C. guy in case you’re curious and equally are avoiding your workload. Gunung Gede pics will have to take a backseat to all of my other work for the time being. Sabar sayang! 😉Read more