“Where Will the Next Earthquake Hit?”

On February 24th, GOOD posted “Where Will the Next Earthquake Hit?“ The timing is eerie and unfortunate. “A year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, people everywhere have been speculating about when and where the next cataclysmic one will hit our shores. If major quakes occur approximately 15 times a year around the world,¬†where will the next one hit?“Read more

Earthquake in Manila

At about 1:30pm as I was sitting at my desk, the chair and table started swaying. Even after 8 months of living in Manila, I’m still not used to these earthquakes (I didn’t grow up with earthquakes). I work in Fort Bonifacio which actually lies right next to a huge fault line that runs up C-5; a bit frightening in some ways. Within seconds the confirmations of a quake came in not from the news but via Twitter: http://twitter.com/#search?q=earthquake%20manila IRead more