Lion Air Passenger Plane Crashes in Bali [Photo]

A Lion Air plane just made a water landing after missing the runway in Bali, Indonesia. [Jakarta Globe]

Lion Air Crash in Bali

Photo referenced by Jakarta Globe via Twitter [user not listed]

I used to fly Lion Air and Adam Air but never again. These type of incidents are simply far too common and is why nearly all Indonesian airlines are banned from Europe. When in Indonesia I choose to fly Air Asia now back and forth to Bali and Jakarta. At this point, I don’t believe Air Asia Indonesia has had any incidents.

I’m very happy to hear that it appears that no casualties have occurred with today’s crash.

News reports have stated that:

“The aircraft was from Bandung, West Java, and about to land in Bali Ngurah Rai Airport but it probably failed to reach the runway and fell into the sea,” said Lion Air spokesman Edward Sirait.

“There was no sign at all it would fall but then suddenly it dropped into the water,” passenger Tantri Widiastuti, 60, told Metro TV. “I saw holes in the floor of the plane … we were evacuated quickly.”

Bali for 5 weeks

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth – I’ve just been much less disconnected in Bali for the past 5 weeks. I’ll update more appropriately soon. This poor blog turns 10 years old in a couple of months – need to breathe some life back into it!

Jamu: Why Isn’t Indonesia’s Ancient System of Herbal Healing Better Known? [TIME Magazine]

Jamu: Why Isn’t Indonesia’s Ancient System of Herbal Healing Better Known? [TIME Magazine]

In 1990, Irish journalist Susan Jane-Beers noticed a herbal medicine clinic in the corner of a hair salon in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, her adopted home. A victim of age-related chronic knee pain that conventional pharmaceuticals couldn’t numb let alone heal, Jane-Beers decided to try jamu — traditional Indonesian medicine.

The results astounded her. After three days of taking only one third of the prescribed dose of herbal pills, the pain had vanished, making her wonder if she’d found “the magic bullet of all time.”

Read the rest on TIME here.

Japan earthquake: tsunami warning for Philippines within the hour

Hoping Manila will be unaffected by the potential tsunami after the earthquake in Japan. My brother lives in Tokyo. He checked in and is fine. Hope aftershocks will not be a problem.

Also concerned about family and friends in Jakarta. Indonesia doesn’t need another disaster. Keep safe.

Jakarta 2010 recap

After only a week in Jakarta, we’ll head back to Manila tonight at 1AM.

It’s been a very different kind of holiday (well, compared to Boracay), but good nonetheless.

There’s definitely a different feeling to Jakarta when returning as a tourist. Most of my friends have moved on to other countries, and Novita’s family was quite busy to hang out much. I ended up spending a lot of time in Kelapa Gading simply because it’s the area I know best.

I didn’t have my car, so I was thrown into the heat head-on. I’m not sure if it’s the temperature difference or humidity, but this week I found Jakarta more uncomfortable than the current weather in Manila. Then again, Manila does get a bit cooler but also a bit warmer – we just happen to be coming out of the cooler season there. And by ‘cooler’ I mean like 3-5 degrees. But man, after 8 years of living on the equator, I’ve grown to appreciate those 5 precious degrees like you wouldn’t believe.

The gastronomical reacquaintance was another story. It was so nice to dig into some bebek monggo, sambal hijau, nasi merah, mie ayam, cumi bakar, etc. Oddly enough my stomach shrugged all the spices off with the confidence of a linebacker. As I write this, Novita is off hunting for spices to bring back to Manila. Hopefully the customs officers will be in a good mood at 5AM.

It’s always hard to please everyone on a week long trip – especially with friends in all ends of the city and in all walks of life. We weren’t able to juggle our time well enough to meet up with all our friends. But then again, we’ll always be returning periodically to Indonesia, so it’s not that big of a deal – hope we’re forgiven.

Sampai nanti.

Heading to Jakarta, Indonesia tonight

We’re leaving tonight for Jakarta. We’ll be there for a week visiting family and friends. Fortunately, one of my close friends will also be in Jakarta for a couple of days. When he first got to Indonesia, he actually lived with me for 5 months; haven’t seen him in 4 years.

Novita will have a chance to be with her family, friends, and her beloved spicy sambal, while I catch up with friends and visit my old stomping grounds. We may be able to organize some sort of tweetup as well for those that are keen.

Looking forward to going ‘home’.