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Womb of Steel and Glass

Posted on 24. Feb, 2005 by .


wombofsteel Womb of Steel and Glass

wombofglass Womb of Steel and Glass

womb Womb of Steel and Glass

Singapore. Entombed.

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Another Time, Another Place.

Posted on 22. Feb, 2005 by .


anothertime Another Time, Another Place.

Kuta Beach, Bali.

March 2003.

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Welcoming the Future

Posted on 18. Feb, 2005 by .


welcomingthefuture Welcoming the Future

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Photography vs. Photoshopography

Posted on 18. Feb, 2005 by .


There’s a great discussion happening here based upon the Photoshop vs. pure photography argument.

There’s been a debate for as long as I can remember over whether a photograph is considered a “work of art” strictly on the attributes of it’s own creation (composed entirely in camera via settings and available light), or if digital manipulation (Photoshop) is an acceptable tool in enhancing an image to where the artist originally envisioned it, AS the picture was taken.

Interesting thoughts from a variety of artists.

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Seen and Unseen

Posted on 16. Feb, 2005 by .


seen Seen and Unseen

infinity Seen and Unseen

Buddhist monostary, Yogyakarta.

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Reaping the Harvest

Posted on 15. Feb, 2005 by .


reaping Reaping the Harvest

Yet another image from my long walks around Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. I’ve been stagnant lately with my photography – I suppose it’s a phase we all go through.

On a lighter note, my car has finally returned to it’s rightful owner – and now I’m going to sell it. Indonesia has announced they’ll no longer manufacture Blazers here – I’m sure that’ll do wonders for the resale value of mine! icon wink Reaping the Harvest

Off to the gym – it’s been absorbing lots of my free time lately.

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Framed Isolation

Posted on 08. Feb, 2005 by .


frame Framed Isolation

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The Art of Living

Posted on 04. Feb, 2005 by .


happinesswithoutwealth The Art of Living

Updates have been few and far between as I�ve been involved with learning yoga and meditation through The Art of Living – after work � taking up the majority of my free time. I feel like Patrick Swayze in �Roadhouse�.

I�ve never tried anything like this before, but can see that it could indeed be beneficial for those who apply it to their everyday lives. I�ll admit that I approached with a bit of skepticism, but I�ve been proven wrong.

I�ve also tried something else for the first time � we�ve been asked to avoid ALL meat (I�m a total carnivore), sugar, fried foods, caffeine, and alcohol. It�s not as tough as I thought, since I generally eat pretty healthy – except for the fact that I have no idea how to eat like a vegetarian. My dinner last night consisted of tofu (tahu) and water. Exacly. Good thing I don�t have time to work out this week as I�d be much too weak!

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