Photography vs. Photoshopography

There’s a great discussion happening here based upon the Photoshop vs. pure photography argument. There’s been a debate for as long as I can remember over whether a photograph is considered a “work of art” strictly on the attributes of it’s own creation (composed entirely in camera via settings and available light), or if digital manipulation (Photoshop) is an acceptable tool in enhancing an image to where the artist originally envisioned it, AS the picture was taken. Interesting thoughts fromRead more

Reaping the Harvest

Yet another image from my long walks around Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. I’ve been stagnant lately with my photography – I suppose it’s a phase we all go through. On a lighter note, my car has finally returned to it’s rightful owner – and now I’m going to sell it. Indonesia has announced they’ll no longer manufacture Blazers here – I’m sure that’ll do wonders for the resale value of mine! 😉 Off to the gym – it’s been absorbing lotsRead more