Frost on a Rose

After a battle with my travel agent, and losing, I will no longer be going to Lombok for Idul Fitri. Gone are the thoughts of basking in the equatorial sun and damaging my skin beyond repair. For those of you unfamiliar with Idul Fitri (don’t you love it when a white dude explains Muslim holidays) – it symbolizes the end of Puasa (the month of fasting) and generally includes a week of holiday. Luckily I work for an organization thatRead more


What’s my latest addiction? How many of you have tried sites like friendster, hotornot, or other “group” websites? Ok, how many of you have joined sites like for photo critique? Now, how many of you have spent hours reading over travel blogs, photoblogs, and other weblogs searching for new experiences and perspectives? Flickr is almost all of them combined. Where some other sites like friendster have failed, I believe this will succeed. We as an online community areRead more


Ok, so I’m trying to make a decision but could use a little help. Should I make TWO separate blogs, one for writing and one as a photoblog, and keep both addresses? OR delegate one of them as my single outpouring of creativity and rantings both visually and intellectually? Do you prefer to have more writing or photos?Read more