Of Beauty and Footsteps

My latest creation. What do you think?

Balinese dancer – Ubud, Bali

These are the times when it’s a bit frustrating trying to maintain a blog/photoblog without using a separate site for the photos. Many of the images are much more striking if viewed as a larger size. I’m thinking about printing this one quite large – maybe 2 meters… Think it’d look good on my yellow wall.

By the way – if you happen to live in Indonesia, next week the latest issue of KABAR Magazine will be coming out – guess who got the cover photo? I also have a few photos in a spread about Bali. It’ll be available in all Periplus bookstores, Aksara, etc. (airports as well, all over Indonesia/Bali). It seems they’ve made me a regular contributor; something I really appreciate. I look forward to working with them (great people!).