Tampaksiring, Bali

A kind soul emailed me to tell me that my commenting system is messed up. I’ve had a few problems with my web hosting – they haven’t been the most helpful or supportive – kinda want to switch. I may have a problem with some of the code behind my site or they may be at fault.

Have any of you tried to leave a comment, only to have it not show up? If you wouldn’t mind, could a few of you leave a ‘test’ comment on this post so I can see what’s going on? If it won’t show up, if you wouldn’t mind, please drop me an email at thejavajive (at) gmail (dot) com – I’ve noticed many less comments in the past month, but figured it was simply due to my boring content. 😉

If anyone has any suggestions and or experience with WordPress and K2, I’d really appreciate some help.