Jakarta floods 2008 – Welcome to the Suck

Well, ironically enough, it’s exactly one year to the day that we experienced flooding last year, and it’s happening again. If you’ve never seen my photos and writing from that experience, you may want to take a look.

Starting last night, heavy rains have saturated Jakarta. Since I’m in the north part of the city, only 3km from the ocean, we’re at or below sea level, and even one day of rain can cause flooding. As I look out my window, I’m already seeing the street filling up, and some of my co-worker’s homes are flooding. Traffic is insane. I’ve asked Novita to pack our things and get our car to her mom’s house, where I’d meet up later on, but I believe it may be too late for that – the road that connects our area to the toll road is already flooded and my Honda may not make it.

The other option is to buckle down and hang tight while the waters rise – which is what I did last year. It’s not too bad until the power goes out – then comes the Suck. When the lights go out, air cons stop spinning, communication goes down, and you can’t get out of your house without a raft, you start to really get a grasp of the Global Warming concept.

Last year we were evacuated by military truck. We promised ourselves if the rains came again, we’d get out before it got to that point. We’ll, we’re at that point, and I think it’s already too late. Looks like we’ll be recreating Venice once again.

I’ll keep you posted. Now where’d I put that Ark?