R.I.P. Kitten

It was a sad, sad day.

Today I had to put my cat to sleep, and she was just a kitten.

About two months ago, as I was walking out of work I saw a kitten near our security guard’s desk. I’m a sucker for little animals, so I took the street kitten home. I’ve been watching her grow for the past 8 weeks into a ball of fur and energy. She’s been getting adventurous lately, playing in front of our house in the park across the street.

This morning my maid was working in the yard when she heard the cat growling and screeching. A moment later a Chinese woman was yelling at her dog, and my maid knew something was wrong. The woman’s dog had severely bitten my cat. Instead of looking after the cat, my maid chased after the woman asking her to please speak with me when I got home. The woman claimed the dog wasn’t hers, and went on her way. My maid has seen her walk the dog numerous times, so she’s blatently lying. I truly don’t understand people like that.

When I got home, the cat was lying in a basket with very little energy to raise her head. I noticed there wasn’t much blood, and her wounds didn’t appear too serious. I considered leaving her to rest without taking her to the vet. An hour later I knew something was seriously wrong. We took her to the vet, and as they were feeling her small body, they said it felt as if the kitten’s backbone was broken. An x-ray later sank my heart into my stomach. The poor little thing’s spine was snapped – severing all of her vital functions below her shoulders. The doctor said we had no choice but to put her to sleep.

At 4pm, the 12 week old kitten went to sleep, never to wake again.

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  1. I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m myself an animal lover, and all my life at least one cat is around with me. Some months ago I also got a little kitten, all messed up (I guess that because a dog bite too, or something like that), but after some weeks he was OK. Some weeks after he dissapeared without a trace, and my guess is that something like this happened.

    A sad day, a really really sad day.

  2. Irene says:

    oh my God that is just so sad.. that lady should’ve been the one to be put to sleep, dammit. May your kitty rests in peace, she’s in a better place now.

    This is one of the many reasons I keep my kitty indoors, perhaps next time you should too, brondong.

  3. Jen says:

    Oh! That is so awful, Brandon. Want me to beat the shit out of that woman? I could send over Filthy Tony and Dirty Mario. I know people.

  4. Carl Parkes says:


    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, but I must also say that this is the best post you have ever written, and I’ve reposted it on my blog. It really made me think about things in my life, and the emotion was honest and true. Sadness, but also congrats on your great post.

  5. Grace says:

    I can understand that kind of feeling – it’s really a hard decision to make when the vet suggests you put your cat to sleep . I myself is facing the same situation . I have six cats which I found on the streets and took home and have been with me for at least seven years . One of them , my favorite , has a kidney problem and anaemia . He himself doesn’t eat or drink much , so I have to feed him with a spoon very often or he will be losing weight quickly and once in a while I have to take him to the vet for a blood test . Taking care of him is really hard work !! Now I’m going to Ubud for three weeks , and the vet suggests putting him to sleep before I go if I don’t have any energy , time for him and the most important , ” money ” to spend on him . Taking a blood test here for a pet is about NT$1800 ( US$ 50 ) …. I don’t know !! I’m still thinking about it . I just can’t bear seeing him die .

  6. Cat says:

    Brandon, dear, it is such a tragedy, but several things come to mind here. One, that you gave a “street kitten” a home, and love– something that many others just don’t care about. It is a testimony to your kindness. Your sweetheart was happy for the short time she was with you, and you were blessed by her furry little spirit, in so many ways. There is no greater gift that you could have given her than that.

    Putting her to sleep was difficult, but definately the right thing to do. It was, no doubt, a tough situation for you and my heart goes out to you.

    The woman who owns the dog is a sad, pathetic woman, certianly, but please don’t allow the anger and pain of your loss to mar the memories of your sweet kitten. Remember Karma, things will come full circle for her…

    Because this note is far too serious (I must sound like I’m ancient as I write this!), I must end with something a bit lighter– so I end with a quote from Mark Twain. This, too, will pass, Brandon– keep your head up and when you’re ready, bring home another sweet kitty. Please know that I am thinking of you in your time of loss.

    “I simply can’t resist a cat, particularly a purring one. They are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course.”

  7. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the kind and supportive comments everyone. I do feel somewhat responsible, as I could have kept the kitten indoors at all times, but things can happen anywhere I suppose.

    I’m sorry if the x-rays disturbed anyone, but I think it definitely provides insight into how it makes you feel to see them.

    I have good news I’ll post later. Somewhat related.

  8. enda says:

    Sad day indeed. I also love cats more than dogs and used to do what you have done, bring home a lost kittens.

    May you rest in peace.

  9. Morningdew says:

    Your ‘lil kitty’s playing ball somewhere up there in heaven’s garden. Deepest condolences, Brandon.

  10. muddynights says:

    Shit! That is awful!

    I can never understand when things like this happen. Sorry to hear what happened to your cat. Sigh…

  11. luminouslens says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. That is such a tragic thing to have happen.

    I write this with a purring kitty on my lap right now and it’s really hard for me to see those x-rays. I’m sure it was even worse for you.

    I hope you’re feeling better and that your new puppy brings you joy. (I hope we’ll see pictures soon?)

  12. stacey says:

    oh, i’m so sorry. so so so sorry. i just had a bad dog experience myself, although the victim was a neighborhood stray and not one of my own. it hurt nonetheless, so i can’t imagine how bad that was for you. be happy she had a good life while you had her. i’m teary-eyed now!

  13. Jeff Laitila says:

    I am sorry for your loss.

    I also have a soft spot for stray kittens , having brought three home in the past four years.

    It was a terrible thing that happend to your kitten. But the fact that you were there for her, all the way up to the end, made a difference for her. As hard as it was for you, it was the noble thing to do. She did not die alone, but was with someone that loved her. An believe me, she knew it.

    I am sure she was comforted by your concern and love for her. You did the best you could for her, and that is all anyone can ever hope for.

    You have a good heart.

  14. iman says:

    bless your heart, i’m sorry to hear about your kitten, brandon.

  15. kate says:

    hi brandon i am so sorry for your loss i have a 13 year old cat monster who ate perenials and wer thought we would have to put him down because he wouldn’t stop peeing but we got him checked out by the vet and they said he would be ok well hope u get a new pet may god be with you and your cat always

  16. cheryl says:

    That is so sad. I’m sorry about your kitten. πŸ™

  17. Ethan says:

    Wow, how devastating. It’s a horrible shame that someone refused to take responsibility for the dog. The X-rays are really hard to comprehend; such injuries to a human would probably not be life-threatening, but they would destroy one’s way of life anyhow. Seriously saddened by your loss.

  18. Katya says:

    my god. i really feel for you and the kitten. DAMN WOMAN! She is a fucking crack-whore! your kitty will rest peacefully. I just recently had to leave a kitty behind, along with my grandfather… I cried for days and am still crying. Just know your kitty will be happy for ever. And the woman will have something happen to her. It not the dogs fault really. DAMN HER!

  19. lovepenguin79 says:

    I am so sorry. Especially for that poor poor kitten. That picture made me shiver. I could barely read the whole story it was so sad. I have a story, too. Around my neighborhood, there are a lot of stray kittens and stuff. Well, one day, my neighbors decided they would take one in. So they caught one, and had it for a few hours when their dog bit it. It died instantly. It’s so sad. I can never like dogs after how I hear these stories about them killing poor little creatures. (Although cats can be the same way…) But here’s another one that’s not as bad. I was walking to dinner one night, when we saw this thing dragging across the sidewalk. It was a poor little kitten. The poor thing’s leg was paralyzed or broken or something like that. The next morning I went on a hunt for it. (It really wasn’t that hard to find or catch because of its leg.) The poor thing had nowhere to go when I was trying to catch it. I took it to the vets, but they said I either put it to sleep, or I have to spend outrageous amounts of money just to keep it alive. But with that, it may not stay alive anway. So I decided to put it to sleep. I didn’t want it to go through anymore suffering. If you’re still reading I have another one that doesn’t involve a dying kitten. I caught one of the stray kittens around my neighborhood, and took it in. I took care of it for a while, bringing it to the vet. As time went by, it became more energetic. She would be bouncing off the walls. She was so sweet and so cute. Right now, I miss her so much. I am allergic to cats, so I had to give her away. I was and still am so sad. I am tearing up as I type this. I never saw or will see her again. I just couldn’t even bear the thought of her dying. I wouldn’t know if she was dead or not anyway, because I am not in touch with the woman I gave her away to.

  20. Courtney says:

    That’s so sad. I’m really sorry for your loss. My kitten that was 9 months old actually had to be put to sleep yesterday. She had a blood clot in her heart and it paralyzed her whole body instantly. She felt no pain until the second it happened. I’m only 12 years old, so it takes a lot of adjusting without her here, not as much as my parents. I’m really devastated and i know how hard it is for you.

  21. Courtney says:

    Again, I’m really sorry about what happened. But, now think positive, she/or he is not in any pain any more. That’s the most important thing, and you know it always loved you.

    Feel free to email me anything else about this,

    I would love to know

  22. LadyWeasel says:

    That’s so sad! πŸ™ I know it happened a long time ago, but I wanted to extend a big hug to you. I love my pets like children and if anyone were to harm them in any way, I would be extremely angry! Shame on that woman for not stepping up and admitting it was her dog. >:(

  23. kitty lova says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitten I am crying as I write this I to love kittens and if I was old enough I would of brought in many stray cats and dogs as I am jus tew soft I ve had 2 cats and they both ranaway never to be seen again I miss them alot but ve learnt to let go and hopefully one day soon you willl let go of your emotions and turn to a new leaf and start fresh jus like I did though you don’t no me Im here 4 yu always x

  24. jin says:

    That sucks really bad yo. If that was me I would slap the shit out of that women

  25. animal lover always says:

    I sort of know how you feel I had to put down my dearest freind my 18 year old brother my cat, he had Kidney problems. I am really guilty now because I did’t hug him as much as I should of when we were driving to the vet the last day me and my friend could be together. Sometimes I still think about him and I cry but now I have 2 lovable female cats that I love so much. But I will never forget my best friend forever.

  26. Emily says:

    I know how you feel.
    I am 13 years old. My guinea-pig had to have her eye taken out because of a problem, but it came back in only a week. I miss her so much. May her and your kitten’s souls rest in peace forever more. I hope that lady goes to hell.

  27. cat lover from norway says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitten. I am a cat lover so I was crying when I was reading this story. my cat died of cancer and she was 15 years old. she died right before Christmas. but this story was very sad. πŸ™ :'(

  28. Clio says:

    Oh i was looking for kittens and whaen i saw this.I cried and cried i have 2 cats and a dog next door and i scared to well things like this happen its all in gods plan

  29. Ella says:

    ………………………I can’t believe it. I don’t know what to believe, although I know that I believe that you’re kitten is happy in heaven, and will always remember you. What a great thing to do, take a cat in. She is very lucky to have been taken in by you, and I’m sure she’ll love you always for it. I’m 11, and I’m not aloud to take in stray cats because of my parents (I highly dissaprove of this..), I have a cat called Tickles, he’s overweight and has breathing problems but there’s no emergency here. I’m EXTREMELY SORRY FOR YOU AND YOUR CAT!!!!!!!!!! Cats are my favourite animals, it used to be dogs, but i’m glad it’s not anymore. I am chinese myself, but that woman should have been smarter and admitted to what she had let her dog done.

    I really hope that you are doing well now, as you’re kitten is. You are very brave to be able to go through this, (i couldnt have.)

    May she rest in peace.

  30. I am so sorry i love cats and had many. First I had Lily when I was 6 and we had to give her away i was crying for weeks. Then i had honey a year ago and she ranaway. Now i have Elvis i love him more then any of them and my mom hates cats but loves him. when he ran away for 2 days my whole family was crying but he came back. He always runs away but has never been gone for more then 2 days. we all love him. Your cat was put to sleep and a better pet will come soon. If i never gave away lily and if honey never ran away i would never have Elvis. THE BEST CAT EVER!!!!!!!

  31. RRabbittzz says:

    I feel so sorry for your loss and for that poor kitten. I know others have already said the same sentiments over and over and I’m sure many who felt the same have read this without commenting. I had to make a comment though just to give you a little food for thought.

    Everyone is so very angry with the woman whose dog did this horrible thing. I’m truly saddened that she did not take responsibility for the dog but I have something that might help you to forgive. A little insight never hurt anyone.

    We had a dog for a while that was the most lovable wonderful dog but he had a very strong instinct for running free and also for chasing small animals. He was boundless in his energy and incredibly smart. Loyal and protective and the kids loved him. Trouble was that nothing would contain that dog. Confinement to a suburbian backyard was not for him and he continually got away. Once he almost bit our neighbors dachsund when he had broke the clasp on his chain. Only the fact our dog couldn’t fit under the neighbor’s car saved that little dog.

    It was sad but we found a person who could take our dog who had a better place for him to live. We were deathly afraid he’d hurt a little animal. He lives indoors now with a single lady who walks him on a leash four miles a day and takes great care of him.

    We were good enough to talk to our neighbor whose dog got chased. But I can say if he had hurt that dog it would have been tempting to shrink for that responsibility because of fear of lawsuits. I am a single mother with lots of kids and can barely afford to care for them. So it’s an understandable fear. I am fortunate to have been raised better than that but some haven’t.

    Shame on the lady but maybe, just maybe she’s feeling guilty and horrible inside. She may suffer longer for this than you will. (I would hope) We all know people can be crass and rediculous but for the sake of feeling better maybe you could find it in your heart to forgive that woman and move on. One never knows what a persons reasons are for their shortcomings.

    Best of luck.

  32. shelby says:

    ya im srry to hear about thta but it was a cat my frend just killed himself i think thats a little more inportant im not sayin ur cat dosent matter that lady was wrong and stupid

  33. Kris says:

    Thats sad and I’m sorry for your loss. If I were you I would haved sued the Chinese lady, I’m just gonna end the comment here before I get racist on her.

  34. Ash says:

    OMG!!! how mean!! and the kitten was only 12 wks?? i feel so sorry for you. i LOVE ALL animals and especially baby ones. im a sucker for them and i dislike any1 that hurts (or lets their pet hurt) a baby animal for any reason. im a strong beleiver in animal rights, do you no wat breed dog it was that attacked your cat?? i was shocked at the site of the spine and i cant believe any animal is capable of this. you have lot of support behind this issue and i think that we all support you in this.

  35. kat_lover says:

    i found this while looking for pictures of cats on the net…i just wanted to say im sorry…i’ve had cats all my life…and it always hurt so much when we had to let one go…i dread the day that i’ll lose my current kitten, he’s such a gorgeous loveable sook

    again, im so sorry, its like losing family

  36. Steph says:

    Wow I am so sorry to hear that. I hate it when things like that happens. Probably why I’m more of a cat lover than a dog lover^^. May you little kitty rest in peace, along with all of the other kitty’s that did nothing wrong but be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I too, am a sucker for any animal, young or old, and it hurts to see on of them go… Animals are a gift to us all, and we should treat them like that.

    -Animal Lover

    RIP little 12 week old kitten

  37. LizardLover says:

    I was looking in images for pictures of kittens and I came across this. So sorry for you and your kitten… There are 3 kittens after being born In the work shed in my garden but there mother moved them. But they didn’t move far! Now they live under my other shed. I was shocked to see the X-rays but as an angel, that poor little kitten will still be young and dancing around great. She will be so happy that you were there to be with her and love her during her last few hours in a heavy old body.I’d say she is happy up in Cat Heaven. Shame on that woman! I would have probably yelled ’til my tonsils fell out. Waaaaahhhhhhh! So, sooo sorry for you… I have got a pet Bearded Dragon at home and I’m kinda scared to let a cat into the house. No offense.

  38. Manuel says:

    That’s what I despise of dogs, that need to hunt and destroy smaller animals like cats, rabbits and the like. That dog should be put to sleep along with the woman. Those who encourage their dogs to hunt and kill are just spoiling and animal that can be a true friend, turning him into a killing machine.

  39. karen says:

    im so sorry, my cat got run over and they drove off if they had called us (our number was on his name tag) he would of lived, it really annoys me when people are like that

  40. Manon says:

    its suchs a shame that there are suchs pethetic people.. that woman,, i hope shell burn in hell thats would b fair.. i was just looking for kitten pictures when i linked to this horrible story its so debistating so heartbreaking.. i life here in the netherlands and i have a (dont know how to say in english) cat breathing plan?? and im living with you your cat would probably enjoyed every second beeing with you and will b always thankfull for you she’s playing in heavens garden (L) good luck

  41. Priscilla says:

    I’ve visited this topic a few times now and have never commented..

    All I can say is “holy sh*t!!!!” and that’s coming from a person who doesn’t curse… I wonder what kind of dog it was… That jerk!!!
    I have 2 kitties and they do annoy me at times but I would never wish something like this on them…
    **Priscilla starts tearing up**
    That is SO sad…. makes me want to hug my kitties now.. = (

    Take care…


  42. Alexa says:

    Are any of us really helping you cope? Does it make you feel any better when we say that we are sooooooo sorry or that we are going to pound that lady’s face into the ground? Or does it hurt even more that we, the ingnorant coorespondents, say that we know what you’re going through when we really know nothing about your pain? I have had my heart broken once, i’ve even had a pet bird who has flown away, but does that compare to that gaping emptiness inside of you? You can’t go through life with parts of you heart missing, therefore, you need to ask yourself “Why?” “Why am i grieving over my kitten?” Then you need to think carefully about you answer. Is it because you’ll never see you kitten again, or is it that you are lonely without you kitten? Did you even stop to think that you are the one who is being selfish? Honey, your kitten is in heaven. Do you really want your kitten to come down from its heavenly perch and join you on this world full of selfish and mean people like the one you encountered in the day your kitten was put to sleep. I think what you need is not sympathy, but acceptance to what is done and what you really want for your kitten.

  43. ems says:

    awwwww! that’s really sad.
    i’m really sorry for your loss. xx

  44. Gonna buy a russian blue says:

    im so sorry 4 ur loss may ur cat rest in peace for eternity and it may feel guilty of upset or ashemed with urself(i hope not) but it was the right thing to do your cat would have died in pain of suffered dreadfully but you let it go in peace it would have got only worse dont fell bad email me if you want to i am only 10 but i know how you feel me 1st cat got bitten to death by a bulldog and rottweiler

    good luck in coping,
    Gonna buy a russian blue

  45. Anai says:

    Im sorry about your kitten that story made me cry because i love animals and i want my future job to be a vetenarian well


  46. FLuff says:

    Im so sorry about your kitten.

    Im a veterinary nurse in the UK, and it makes me cross when animals suffer unneccarily- had the dogs owner had proper control of her dog, or kept it muzzled, this need not have happened. You did the right thing in taking your kit to the vets.

    We cant really blame the dog for his actions- many creatures have a chase instinct eg cats swiping/stalking birds and mice- they’re animals and act on instinct especially if no training is in place.

    Next kitty you have will help fill that gap. Remember that they should be vaccinated, neutered, strong and agile before they are allowed outside.

    God bless

  47. Kieva says:

    Hi, that is really sad and i have a story almost the same.
    I am 10 years old and my 5 month old kitten got hit by a car.(I think.) We do not know what happend. I was asleep in my bed when my mom came rushing up to my room and she was holding my verry,verry limp 5 month old kitten. I was sooooooo scared and my hart was racing! It was the sadest day of my life! (So far!) We hurred and called the vet closest to us. But they were closed! We had to call the vet in pilchuk! And we live in monroe!! It was a long drive and time was runing out! wen we got there it took forever! (We were there for at lest like 4 hours!) When we got there her gums were biue and she had no temp. We found out that her back bone and pelvis were brock! And even worse they were squshing her kidneys. The vet said if we had wated 1 more hour she would have died…..Right there….lieing in a pile of pucke. Agin it was the sadest day of my life!!!! We hade to put her down.:( That is my story.

  48. Cindy says:

    That is really sad! I hope you’re feeling better after that accident. My neighbor has a kitten that is 4 months old and he was almost close to death once when his leg got run over by a car. Now he only has 3 legs but is doing pretty good. I am also a lover of little furry animals so that really is depressing.

    God bless you!

  49. aw man……
    that’s an unfair happening…
    i feel your grieve. when my own ferret was put to sleep it just got to sick and was throwing up everywhere and just had diarea through weeks on… its sickness could not be cured. i cried for hours when he was put down

  50. Eva Speer says:

    Im so sorry to hear about what happened to your kitten, I am an animal lover and I have just recently opened up my own animal shelter to rescue abused, injured and unwanted animals. that woman is such a witch, at least ur kitten didnt feel any pain and now she is in a happy place bouncing accros all the fluffy white clouds.
    Hugs from Eva Speer, Family and staff at the SpeerHaven Animal shelter.

  51. Becki says:

    I am so so so so sorry about what happened to your kitten, that woman was absolutly horrid… maybe she was just scared you would get her dog put to sleep?
    I know what you are going through, I got two rabbits for my 12th birthday exactly 2 months ago yesterday, they have been very very poorly lately and I have ended up spending nearly £300- thats about $600 on vet fees. And last night around 11pm I had to watch my poor daisy die because she had a stroke and there was nothing we could do for her. Also I had another rabbit a couple of years ago… our pet-sitter had him out in the garden and a doberman dog bit him and he died. The next one isn’t as bad… I had a kitten called Sasha and she scatched my mums new $14000(£7000) leather sofa up and her new wallpaper so she made me give her away. At least I still get to see her.It’s hard ’cause I’m only 12…. R.I.P Daisy R.I.P Thumper Love you Sasha. Lifes unfair πŸ™

  52. awwwwww i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about what happened, i can’t beliuve what that women said she was probably scared her dog would get put to sleep!! I feel sorry for the kitten very much as he gets into a nice home and is loving life than goes through a tragedy!!! He is in kitty heaven now so he’s happy!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. penny denis says:

    omg i just read your story oh how i wish people like that were punished for wat they done i am so sorry for you loss

  54. Sarah says:

    I have also experienced the loss of two of my best kitty-friends. It was a terrible ordeal, especially considering i was young at the time.
    We were on our way to school (as i said, young) and my mum pulled out into the laneway outside our house and saw a little tabby kitten, pretty as you please, cowering in a puddle. we couldnt have left her there as we would have always wondered about her, so we ended up going back into the house to gat a cat carrier (we already had a cat called Claude, male 15 y/o) and a towel to warm her up (It was winter) and took her to the vet just down the road. we got a diagnosis and were told that she was deaf, was 6 months old and would have died no less than an hour later if we hadnt picked her up. my brother and i got to school an hour late and mum got to work. at night mum and dad talked and agreed to keep the cat. We named her Kiara and introduced her to claude, they didnt hit it off butmanage to live together for 2 years, until Kiara got hit by a car, after going missing for about two weeks, she went missing alot. as you know she was a stray so she liked to wander. It took the humans a while to cope from our loss, but claude was loving it, he was an old cat and liked solitude and humans, so not having other cats around was bliss for him…. he then died in his sleep after being diagnosed with hepatitis. Turned out he had cancer and had tumours in his brain, liver and stomach. We never went to that vet again.
    Very sad, but he didnt die from cancer, just old age.

  55. Arctic says:

    Oh my God… That is so sad…. I have a few stories of my own.

    #1: Each child in my family got a rabbit, my brother, micheal, who was 8 at the time got a brown bunny named ‘Brownie’, my sister, Theresa, who was 13 at the time got a black and white bunny, I forget her name, but oh well.. And last…. but certainly not least, was my bunny, Speedy. I was only 6 at the time so cut me some slack. Anyway. We had them for about 3 months when Brownie got sick and died. We had the other two for another 3 months when Theresa’s bunny trried to escape her cage and got caught. She died, and we couldn’t save her. By the time we found out what happened her body was covered in blood and she was dead. Last they’re was my bunny. We had him for another two years until one summer… We went on vacation. Our grandparents were watching him, and when we got back, we heard that my beloved Speedy, had escaped his cage and was gone for good. I couldn’t stop crying for the next two weeks. I loved him like I would love a family member. I could barely sleep and looked up at the cealing all night. I still shead a tear every once in a while and can never get over the pain. Also my cousin P.J. got a bunny and named him Brownie. My brother broke into tears and forced him to rename him.

    #2: My cousins, Megan and Zach have had 3 dogs in the past. Max, Charlie, and Guinness. Max was put to sleep before I even met him, but I know he was a great dog and will love him always. Megan got Charlie for her birthday, God, she was a sweet dog. But she wasn’t that smart. One day my cousins were crossing the street and when no cars where coming they called her to come. She didn’t come until a car came. It ran her over and they just drove off. Zach didn’t even care she was dead. He was actually happy! I wish I was there to witness her last moments. But, life moves on. Though I will never forget her and will always love her. And last, Guinness. God, I loved that dog. I loved him! They put him to sleep do to hip problems WHILE my cousins were away! My aunt had him put to sleep and when they got back, my cousins were searching frantically for him. When they told my aunt the he was missing, she told them the truth, what really happened….

    #3: Last year, I was 10, and my cousins, P.J and Anna, had a dog named Josie that was sick. I think she had cancer but I don’t know. She was about 9 years old and the sweetest dog in the world! I loved her dearly, I loved her more then I love my current dog. Anyway, I thought she had just died of it, she wasn’t even in that much pain. Then, I heard that they had put her to sleep! I was mad with rage and I am still not over it. She probobly could’ve lived for another 3 months. I hate them now! I don’t get how they could just kill her! I will never get over it! Never! And, my cousin, Anna, was saying, “Once our other two dogs die, we can get three more!” I was so angry I could’ve exploded and burst into flames.

  56. Justinbob says:

    Omg I am like crying right now πŸ™

  57. cat lover says:

    hi im so sorry when i read your story i stared to cry it was so sad y would some 1 do that or that dog omg anyway i am just so sorry hpoe u feel better

  58. Kelli says:

    awww thats so sad.I don’t understand why people lie about things like that especially when you know there lying.People are jerks

  59. irma says:

    hi my name is irma and when i read your story i cryed it was so sad what kind of thing would bite a kitty and i saw another cat in the pic just wanna let u know i love cats althow i never got 1 because we cant afford it …….. may that kitty that i call brooser ……… R.I.P. A.K.A rest in peace SNIFF SNIFF x( x( x( πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo hope nothin bad happeds again :):):):):):):):):):)

  60. RoRa says:

    so my kitten has killed by a doy two days ago :'(
    he was only three month old
    the summer was very happy with this kittan but now I’m sad and everyday is boring without he….

  61. rallu says:

    uuuf… i’m the next person crying…:(
    i love animals, and i get really sad not only by seeing, but also by hearing/reading sad stories about animals… i have 3 cats, since they were little, and i understand you, i would cry for weeks if something bad would happend to them…
    best wishes, hope you’ve got better…
    and i hope my english is not too bad!
    ralu from romania

  62. Trent says:

    I’m realy sorry about your kitten. I had a cat about 14 years old and she too died of a dog bite. She got bitten on the leg by my next door neighbours dog and died of shock and I think she bled out.

  63. Krista says:

    sorry about ur kitten but does anyone else see a human baby in the cats stomach? weird…

  64. Matt Smith says:

    OMG i am so sorry to read this i hate dogs to cats, across the road from me there is a dog and i have 2 cats and the dog comes after my cats it scares me to death but at least your cat has no more pain or suffering i am sorry again.


  65. nathan says:

    my cat got put down, he had a heart condition, he lost lots of blood and couldnt move his back parts, then he was in tremendous pain… it was only this year, i still mis him.

  66. kayla says:

    that is so sad. i myself have had kittens and/or cats run away or disappear. it was very sad but every time i got a new kitten. i’m sorry to hear what happened and i hope u dont feel horrible cuz i have been through sruff sorta like u have.

  67. Kear says:

    im soo srry bout ur kitten i have one and i would hate forIit to happen to it.

  68. Javoralia says:

    I love cats, I found your post googleling, looking around for a picture of “kitty hug” (maybe it mean something to you, if you believe in heaven signs)

    Thanks for being such a kind person who cares about animals..

    Your post make me go and hug my kids (my three cats) and tell them how much I love them and care about them.

    I hope “little kitty” is in Kittens Heaven now.

    Greetings from South América
    ^ ^

  69. Kitten lvr 4 vr says:

    I was originally just searching for cat pics on the internet to use for my desktop picture. At first I didn’t know what it was adn decieded to check it out. I have a cat and two kittens currently, both kittens strays that wandered over to our house and won’t leave, but daddy wont let us take it in. We feed them out of gordons bowl, ((He was originally indoors but he stopped using his litter box. Dad kicked him out. He still hangs around tho, and the neighbors let him inside whenever he wants. He is happier now anyway.)) and one just showed up this morning. I am trying to decide what to name her. I like Jojo. We already have Gordon and Hazel, do you think it fits in? Anyway, I was trying to read all the comments before posting my own but I only got halfway through them before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I just can’t believe it, INCONCEIVABLE! Sorry. I wouldn’t be able to take that, considering Hazel is the kitten of our former kitten who was indoors, was (( because of severely injuring my 4 yr old sister and just out of no where stopped using the litter box just like Gordon)) kicked out and got so scared of my dad she fled to Lea the cat ladies house, had kittens and one of them ((Hazel)) wandered over to our house. I though Gossomer dying of Lukemia was the worst thing that could happen to a cat. I was in 2nd grade when he died, but still. We have bad luck with cats. Does Jojo fit in with Gordon and Hazel, name wise?

  70. Breanna says:

    I am sooooooooo sorry i cant believe this! I feel your pain sista. I shaved my cats hair off yesterday cuz it gots cancer.

  71. MY3CATS says:

    my condolences. that was a needless tragedy. That lady didn’t care, otherwise she would’ve controlled her DA** DOG
    I know your heartbreak and my thoughts are with you.
    Big hugs

  72. daddygirl02 says:

    im sooooooo sorry to hear that!
    when i looked at the picture, it took my breath away to see a little body broken like that.
    i almost cried πŸ™

  73. Stephanie says:

    omg… the first time I saw this it brought tears to my eyes… I’m like the hugest cat lover, as a matter of fact I came across this pic when I was looking for kittens to put on my backround of my laptop at school… and then I wanted to cry when I read this story because I could never imagine having to deal with that, and I would be so heartbroken and I’d probably shoot the dog… I can never imagine that… I’m so sorry.

  74. lil_r says:

    thats so sad how long did u cry dont worry another pet will come to u hey u should put pics of the cat if u have some.stupid dog i feel like hitting it back and saying how does it feel.

  75. Emily says:

    I am so, so sorry. I know it was a long time ago and you will most likely never read this, but I extend my heart to you. I have had 23 cats in my life at one time or another. I have 5 right now. I know how you feel. I had a newborn cat (I witnessed the birth and she was about a minute old) when she stopped breathing. My dad tried to blow a tiny tiny bit of air into her nose and mouth (though cat’s don’t breathe through their mouths) but there was nothing we could do. She died at 2 minutes old and then after her death her muscles relaxed and liquid came out of her lungs. Her first breath had been her last. She had been in pain but her life ended before it began and she went to another place.
    I am sorry and I hope you find another comfort in life. It would have been so hard. xoxo

  76. I really feel sorry for you. I just had to give away kittens and the mother cat. Along with that i had to give away to other kittens i liked. I thought that that was bad but after reading your story, man. I just cant believe it. I hope you can find another cat that can fill up most of the hole in your heart. P.S.- I like nice and fluffy cats. Pick your favorite but make sure it isn’t too young or it will be a little devil.

  77. Brandon says:

    After 2 1/2 years and 95 comments, I feel it’s time to close this post to additional comments. I appreciate your kind words, but I don’t want this blog to be known best for its kitten post. Plus, Puma is getting jealous. πŸ™‚

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