Broadband for Brandon and Other Miscellaneous Ramblings


For the first time in 3 long years I’ll return to having broadband internet at home once again.

Am I leaving Indonesia? Nope – just forking out the cash to succumb to the painfully slow and expensive internet service for my home here in Jakarta. Ironically, I work with computers all day and yet don’t even have access to the web from my house. I’m like the ass-cracked plumber who’s own basement is flooded. This is the primary reason my writing and photography has taken a hit. It’s hard to convince myself to stay after work to do any online work that needs to get accomplished, much less to do anything for the sake of creativity. I vaguely remember in 2002 living in the States having 768kb/sec DSL – for free! On Friday I’ll pay about $200 just to get it set up and $60 a month thereafter for 64 – 128kb/sec from Uninet.

I no longer care about the cost. I no longer care about the speed. I simply want to remove myself from the isolation of work-provided Internet access so that I may, once again, waste absurd amounts of time writing on this blog, visiting photoblogs, hanging out on flickr, and actually laying some groundwork for my future endeavors.

On a side note, I have some very cool news to relay – after some things take place. I don’t want to jinx myself quite yet, but it appears as if some things are beginning to fall into place in regards to my photographic efforts. More to come.

I’m off to Singapore sometime in July – it’s always nice to have a jolt of first-world after another year in Jakarta. The smell of fresh air, the public transport, and the cavernous bookstores are calling my name. Oh yeah, and the Indonesian government is kicking me out for KITAS renewal – my permit to live and work in Indonesia – so really I have no choice.

After Singapore, I think a nice three week trip to Bali is in the works. Every time I stay in Bali I’m always so eager to chill and hit the beaches that I rarely take any pics of the place. I hope this time to make my home base in the village of Ubud for a different kind of experience. I have a few other reasons for this choice – not to be cryptic, but it may be in my best interest to spend some time there.

So, enough about me. What’s up with you guys? How’s life?