Tilt / Shift Photoshop Experimentation

Objects in the Mirror May Appear Smaller Than They Are

Per Maria’s request, here’s the ‘before’:

The technique fools the eye into thinking objects are much smaller than they really are. Obviously, since this is my first attempt, it’s not as convincing as some others. However, it’s quite easy and even a bit entertaining. It involves applying a Photoshop effect which mirrors the effect of an actual (*expensive) tilt/shift lens.

Here’s a gallery of actual tilt/shift photography.

There’s a simple and quick tutorial here for the faux Photoshop version.

A flickr group just for tilt-shift miniature fakes.

And a plethora of other links on the subject.

By the way, the photo above was taken in Singapore (Bencoolen St.) Here’s the full-size version.