Into the blue

I’ve been away once again – in the Thousand Islands, (Pulau Seribu) – a chain of islands in the shallow Java Sea 50 miles or so north of Jakarta. I’ll write in more detail soon about the experience and some recommended sights to explore.

I was courageous enough to bring all my camera gear with me this time, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the amazing scenery with you soon. There’s no way images can capture the clarity and depth of the blue-toned sea, nor the silent peace of snorkeling with exotic, stunningly beautiful fish (I don’t have the b@lls to bring my 5D2 underwater. šŸ˜‰ )

While away, I wasn’t blogging, but I was able to post to Twitter and Facebook some of the events and imagery taken from my iPhone. If you don’t follow me on Twitter – my username is ‘javajive’

At any rate, the next two months will be a mad dash to prepare things before moving to Manila. I’m neck deep in a backlog of emails, paperwork, shipping decisions, and good old fashioned work. No more trips for a little while (maybe a day trip to a different island next Saturday – still unsure). Not till July most likely.

For a preview of the photos I took, I quickly threw together a contact sheet of the RAW files. As I have time I’ll process and upload them individually.

I’m exhausted, but what a phenomenal trip!