In Bali for 9 days

I meant to post before leaving but ran out of time. We’re currently in Bali for 9 days enjoying the beach and just relaxing. Generally we travel around quite a lot but this trip is more focused on recharging.

We’re staying in Seminyak but have been up to Ubud and spent yesterday in Uluwatu at Bvlgari Hotel for sundown drinks, followed by an excellent dinner with a friend who has a villa right near Dreamland. Really dig that area but it may be a little too quiet for Novita.

Been finding it easier to post on the road via Twitter so if you’re not following me yet feel free: twitter I’ve been posting some pics (just iPhone snapshots) as well.

Tomorrow is the Hindu holiday of Nyepi. A day when all action is put on hold and the island is at a standstill. Tourists are not permitted to leave the hotel and our’s allows only the bathroom light to be used at night; no other lights are allowed. Food must be ordered in advance as the kitchen will close as well. Guess we’ll declare it a pool/chill day.