New Obsession

Ok, well it’s not what you think.

But this is a definite weakness of mine. I find something that I want and I completely devote myself to learning about it, researching about it, comparing it with other similar things. I’ve applied this formula to everything from mountain bikes, rollerblades, cars, stereos, laptops, and video cameras to things like taking trips to the best spots, and finding the best of everything. The problem is that I educate myself to the point of becoming too picky – there’s truth to happiness in ignorance.

Anyway – my newest addiction is to buying a digital SLR camera. Every photo on this site was taken by me with a Canon S40 4.0 megapixel digital camera. It has served me well, but I feel as though it’s holding me back a bit. In the States I had a beautiful film SLR that took great shots, but I was really wasting a ton of shots – each one costing cash. I’ll still hang on to the S40 – it’s great for those moments when you don’t wanna feel like a dork lugging around a massive lens.

I’ve found a decent camera – a Canon EOS 300d (otherwise knows as the Digital Rebel). I think I’ll also get a 70 – 300 mm zoom lens. With the multipier built into the camera, it will actually become a 480mm equivalent zoom!

Sorry for that visual.

Yeah, the camera isn’t cheap, but the way I rationalize this to myself is to say that once I leave Indonesia – my photos will be the only link to my memories – and with a better camera comes more creative photography and a stronger desire to take new shots – I need a kick in the butt anyway, I’ve been slackin on taking new photos lately.