Celeb sighting at the zoo

Saturday, Novita and I spent the day at the zoo in south Jakarta. As we were heading towards the exit, three women were walking towards us. Novita started talking to one of them; I assumed they were old university friends or something, as the conversation was quite bubbly. After a few minutes of small talk, I said, “Oh did you go to university together?”. (I tuned out their Bahasa – happens if I’m tired). It turns out the woman’s name is Julia Perez – some sort of Indonesian celebrity.

I rarely watch local television, so I didn’t recognize her. Just for kicks, when we arrived at home, I Googled her name. Turns out she’s taken some rather racy photos (by Indonesian standards). Not sure if they’re for magazines or other media, but interesting none the less.

At any rate, she was very nice, friendly, and down to earth. It’s just one of those quirks of living in Jakarta; it happens quite often actually – Novita constantly points out celebs at the mall, airport, in Bali, and now at the zoo.

Thinking back, I should have asked her to pose for me – I need some models to work with. (with Novita there of course!) 😉