Indonesian Maids, "I See Dead People"

Well that new maid that I mentioned last week… yeah, she’s already gone. Four whole days she worked for me.

Apparently she quit cause she was afraid of something. This culture is very superstitious, and often they speak of magic, ghosts, and psychic abilities. Well, I’ve had about 4 maids and a roommate say they feel ‘something’ upstairs. The other maids did not leave because of this, but they were constantly afraid of being alone in the house.

This last girl takes the cake. After a total of 3 nights spent in the house, she came to me and said she wanted to leave. She felt a ‘presence’ apparently. So she left the next morning to my surprise.

My house was just built last year. I don’t really believe in ‘ghosts’ but even if I did why would there be reason to have one shackin up in my bedroom if the house is new?

So, I called up my old maid, Ningsih, and she’ll be returning in two days.

Most expats here have the same maid the entire time they live here, sometimes people have the same maid for decades. I’ve been here 18 months and have gone through 6 of them!

I can’t figure it out. What’s up with that?

Is it the ghosts? The house? The handcuffs?