Bule Gila atau Bule Bodoh

I believe I’ve captured the Bule Gila (or Bodoh?) award for the week.

Tonight, after working 4 hours straight at a cafe on reports (after 9 hours at work), I picked up Novita and the maid from the front of the mall. After the maid finished loading some items into the car, we drove off. We were well down the street, when Novita turns to me, “Where’s Sri?!!??”. I exclaim, “Where IS Sri?!?”.

I hit the brakes and pulled over. In the rear view mirror I caught a glimpse of our maid running frantically down the street towards us. Apparently, I thought the car door slamming shut signaled Sri’s entrance to the car. I was wrong.

At least we were all able to laugh it off. But yes, I was “that guy” tonight.