Cameras, Corvettes, and Confusion

From my brother’s gallery:

What does a Corvette have anything to do with cameras? Absolutely nothing, but that’s a privilege of writing your own blog.

I just heard that my brother crashed my dad’s Corvette last week. Apparently he hit a deer (or rather, the deer hit him) and caused him to do a 180 spinning into a ditch. Both are bruised and battered I’m sure, but fine otherwise.

He’s currently hosting a photographic exhibit at the University of Michigan. If you have yet to see his work, please do. He has some amazing work from Japan, China, South Africa, Indonesia, and Namibia. Not bad for a 23 year old.

On another subject, I’ve decided to upgrade my camera from a Canon 300D, otherwise known as the Canon Digital Rebel – to a Canon 350D (or Rebel XT). It’s been a wonderful tool in my thirst for photographic knowledge, but I do feel that it’s time to move up a bit. I considered the Canon 20D, but simply cannot rationalize the additional $500 for a camera with virtually the same image quality. I’ve been scouring the web in my usual way – bordering on obsessive. From what I’ve seen / heard / and read, I believe the 350D will be a good stepping stone. Stepping to what? The 5D of course! 🙂 Too bad it’s coming in at around $3300.

I’ve also considered the following lenses –

Canon 10-22
Canon 17-40 L
Canon 17-85 IS

If anyone has any experience with them, I’d love to hear your opinion.

  • those are amazing pictures! i like the third one from above the most. i did check your brother’s gallery and see it for myself some talents he’s got!

  • Wow! what beautiful photos. I’d love to see the exhibition, pity I’m on the other side of the world!

  • Marc Jacobs

    I have both the Canon 10-22 and the 17-85 IS. I use the latter as my main lens. Both are good lenses, although I wish the latter were a faster lens (or at least constant aperture throughout the zoom range). The 10-22 is a fun, lightweight lens for super wide-angle shots. My next lens, though, will be the Canon 50 1.4 for low-light work without a flash.

  • Ah! These photos are awesome!

  • I second Mark on his comments. The 17-85 is unparalleled for convenience but it’s not the sharpest. But the IS does let you take shots that might be too dark otherwise (as long as whatever you’re shooting stays still!)

    I’ve found a 50mm fixed lens is a must for portraits.

  • Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.