Getting Published: Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting

Some of my photographs have been published in “Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting” – a book written by the lovely, talented, and award-winning photographer, Catherine Jamieson. She was kind enough to include some photos of Novita, Nana, and some other portraits of Indonesians in her book. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but it’s available on and most likely in many bookstores across the world.

Here is some additional acclaim for the book.

  • I am so curious to see your pictures in this book, i will check the next days at a bookstrore if it is available here. If not, i found it also at

  • Congratulations, Brandon. This is really exciting news!

  • hey brandon,

    congrats on the pubs. also happy (belated) “b”-day.

    sent an email to you last week. did you get it?

    all our best to everyone,

  • Cool Dude

    Whoop-de do man! You are getting soft, when is the last time you’ve ahd a ‘boy’s night out’. I doubt you can handle it anymore!

  • Brandon

    Juergen – I’d love to know if you get ahold of a copy! How’s Nana?

    Nicole – Thanks for always checking in. It’s nice to know someone reads these rantings. There’s another book on amazon as well with my photos, but I gotta find the link. 😉

    John – Thanks for the bday note. Also, I did get your email and will write hopefully tomorrow. Big day is approaching fast for you guys!

    Cool Dude – I know where you live. Don’t forget I’m still 5 years younger than you and 30 pounds heavier. Can I handle it? Hell yeah, the doc said the amoeba is officially dead. Bring it on.

  • Erika

    Hi, I was just curious if you could kinda give me some pointers and a few starting points on how to get a photography book of my own published…i just graduated from photography school and i would love to start getting some of my work noticed….any pointers you could give me would be great! thanks so much and i love your work, keep it up!


  • Brandon

    Hi Erika, I’d gladly offer some tips if I had published my own book! This book, however, features some of my work but was published by another author. I’d say the first steps to take towards getting published would be to start submitting to magazines; it doesn’t pay that well but it’s rewarding to see your work sitting on the bookshelf in every major bookstore.

    Feel free to email me with more questions.