4 responses to Elysium

  1. Brandon says:

    Yeah, the other one was basically a simple transformation to bw.

    This one involved much more time, but also I think brought the image back to the way my mind captured it. Make sense? This one brings back details (tree, etc) that were lost in the first. I thought of replacing the other one, but I like comparing the two. A larger version can be found via flickr if you click the image above (and then ‘all sizes’ in flickr). Much more effective larger.

  2. treespotter says:

    i’m not really that good with visuals though i like good pics, but i think i like the other version better, the edges are sharper and it gives a nice contrast, the dry desert feels…

  3. Preya says:

    Amazing. To me, Colorado feels like a desert for so much of the year; I miss green! I love your photos by the way, and I look forward to reading more of your blog:)

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