Becoming a photographer: profit vs passion

I’ve been delving deeper into the depths of photography lately in preparation for my photo exhibition, but I’m coming up for air for a moment to reflect on some points.

There is a great difference between taking photos and marketing and selling those images. That seems like quite a basic and obvious statement, but until you run into the difficulties of promoting your work, it seems to slip from importance.

If you wish to begin selling your work, be very cautious of the reality that the frustrations and roadblocks of money, time, and people may tarnish your passion. I’m not a professional photographer; it’s simply something I adore and spend much of my finances and free time pursuing. However, anyone wishing to become professional (using the definition of professional: someone earning the majority of their income from that pursuit), should choose this route knowing full well that a large percentage of their time will no longer involve taking photos and could very well change their outlook on the art-form.

I’m not trying to play the cynic, but instead reflect on the reality. It’s a question that many have to face – turn your passion into profit with the risk of snufing that flame, or live in regret for ‘what could have been’?