Two typhoons hit Manila in less than a week

In less than 6 days, two separate typhoons have rolled through Manila. These hit almost exactly two years after Ondoy ripped through killing many and leaving devastation and horrendous flooding in its wake. Fortunately these have been relatively mild in Manila compared to Ondoy, but with heavy flooding occurring in some areas nonetheless.

My neighbor and coworker had a massive tree get ripped out of the ground during the heavy winds. I believe it knocked out his power for a few days. When I asked him about it, he mentioned that the electrical company sent workers out to begin slicing up the tree for removal. Apparently the guy with the chainsaw forgot to cut the power to the lines and the chainsaw went through the main line sending sparks everywhere – as he was wearing flip-flops standing in the wet street.

Sorry for the poor quality but this was taken from Novita’s Blackberry in a rush.

Expat life remains anything but dull.