Our new apartment

We’ve finally started settling into our new apartment. We’ve hung some pics on the wall, but are unsure if we’ll be painting the walls or not. The furniture is coming together well; we picked up that new red rug and a nice leather sofa with dual reclining ends.

Our new apartment - living room (by javajive)

My home office is quickly becoming a relaxing place to get some work done. The view is pretty stunning; both the ex-tallest building in the Philippines, and the red light district in the distance. Not that I’ve been.

My home office (by javajive)

Since Novita and I met in Starbucks, we felt it fitting to create a resemblance at home. 😉

Who needs a cafe when you have this view? Breakfast, coffee, working at night all take place here if I’m not working in my home office.

When you look out the window it’s straight down hundreds of feet. Love it.

Our new apartment - cafe corner (by javajive)

I’ve had a very, very rough past 9 days. I won’t bother telling the woes of the story here, but believe me when I say there’s a reason for my absence in posting. Hopefully the worst is past and things will get better from here on out. We’re currently on a three day weekend, but weren’t able to leave town. Thankfully we’ve been able to get some relaxation in and explore a bit of our own backyard.

I hope to get out soon with my camera and show more of local life in our new area. Hope all is well with you and yours.