Sold my bulletproof 15″ MacBook Pro

I just sold the best Mac I’ve ever had.

Hands down, it was the most trouble-free and reliable Mac I’ve ever owned.

The specs – 15″ 2.16Ghz C2D w/ 3GB RAM / 160 GB drive / 128MB GPU

This was before unibody, before the sealed battery, before super-gloss was the new black, and before FireWire 400 bit the dirt. It even included the e-SATA port that was removed thereafter.

It was my main machine for photo and video editing, effortlessly cranking out RAW images from my old Canon 5D. It even withstood movie editing with my Canon 5D mk II at 1080p HD. A feat my work computer – a 13″ MBP from August 2009 can’t handle without wheezing and sputtering like a smoker in a triathlon.

I can’t help but draw a few parallels between that MacBook Pro and my Canon 5D (original). Both were real workhorses that churned out work day in and day out. They might not have incorporated the latest processors, the most dazzling whiz-bang features, or the same sleek designs that their younger siblings flaunt, but they were solid, dependable tools that accomplished whatever was thrown their way.

I’ve had plenty of other Macs, but this one will stick out as the most bulletproof yet. Lesson being – don’t overlook used equipment just because it’s used. Some people (me included) take excellent care of our tools. With proper care, they’ll keep on keepin on.