Kindle vs iPad for reading outdoors

These photos clearly demonstrate why an iPad (or iPhone or any glossy screen device) is less ideal for reading outdoors than a Kindle (or other similar device). I don’t yet have a Kindle – this was borrowed from a friend. But as my e-book collection grows, I find myself really wishing for the Kindle under these circumstances. Much of my reading for pleasure is done after work, near the pool and I simply can’t get by with the iPad’s reflections. I also found the light weight of the Kindle to be far superior for single hand-holding similar to a paperback book.

The images below were taken with the iPad’s brightness turned all the way to maximum.

This isn’t meant as an iPad vs Kindle in terms of which to choose – I choose both. But for reading outdoors, there’s simply no doubt that the Kindle is more ideal. I think I’ll pick one up this summer.