I’m not in good spirits today. In fact I’m feeling a bit ‘miserable’.

My blog, my name, and my writing has been taken out of context and used to help spark a discussion about ‘miserable people’. More specifically, “Whether westerners and expats in Indonesia are miserable and unfriendly people.” Unfortunately, they used me as the target in this case.

Hopefully those of you who have known me through the years on or offline can testify to the fact that this is not what I’m about. By posting this, I realize I’m simply perpetuating the conversation (and giving Patung some free hits), but I felt the need to defend myself. Guess I’m just that type of guy.

If you have the desire, read through the hilarious and highly generalized comments. If you wish to express your thoughts on the topic, me, or my writing and photographs in relation to the discussion, please feel free. If you wish to view what I said in my defense, here is my comment.

Sometimes people don’t consider that their words have lasting effects. Funny how I rarely write much anymore, but when I do, this is what happens.